ITOURS TRAVEL Overview Client: Mr. Isuru Perera Date: 15 OCT 2023 Role: Brand Identity Designer    : Content Creator     : Web Designer Project Description Logo Description I was entrusted with the pivotal task of crafting the logo for ITOURS Travel, a project that delved deep into my creative philosophy and design ethos. It […]

New St. Anthony’s Cambridge School Materdei, Napoli

New St. Anthony’s School Materdei, Napoli Overview Client: Mr. Janaka Silva Date: 15 OCT 2023 Role: Content Creator and Web Designer Project Description Outcome The Admission Process page on the NSA CAMBRIDGE School website now provides a clear and engaging overview of the school’s admission process. It effectively guides prospective students and their families through […]

ADI PENNE – Father’s Love – Guitar Chords

EmUnadhu SirippinilCSidharum AzhaginaiG – D – D7 – DPookkal Rasithe Vaasam PirandhathoEm – C – Enadhu Piraviyin Artham UnaraveG – D – D7 – DUnnai Enadhu Vazhvil Thandhatho Em – C – Iruvar Vaazhum UlagileG – D –Unnai Anaithu Kolven UyirileEm Iravil Theeyum NilavileC G – DNaam Sernthu Vaazhvom Arugile Em – C –Unnodu Vaazhum […]

45th EPA (European Prosthodontic Association) Congress 2022

My experience at 45th EPA congress. Since a very long time, I had the intention to write about my journey and include a diary section to my blog. I believe today is the day, and the 45th EPA congress is the best event to start my journal. Each year, in September, the association holds an […]

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