Nervous System

We can split the nervous system into  the central nervous system, which includes the brain and spinal cord, and  the peripheral nervous system, pretty much all the nerves that branch out from that.  We’ll see some different structures and cell types depending on where we look, but the overall purpose of the nervous system is […]

Epithelial Tissue

Most of our body mass is made of muscle and connective tissue like bone, fat, and liquids.  Meanwhile, epithelial tissue doesn’t make up a ton of your body mass but still shows up in crucial spots around the body and does a handful of important jobs. Epithelium’s two main jobs are forming layers of cells […]

Muscle Tissue

The purpose of muscle is to produce force. Despite the type, the muscles produce force when they contract. But, they work slightly differently. And, their function is based on the form.  Skeletal muscle We can find in biceps, triceps, and squads, etc. They are optimised for quick and strong contractions. Because it helps our skeleton […]

The tissue level of organization

Cells are the smallest structural and functional unit of life.  Tissue is a group of cells of similar function and origin that form functional units An organ group of tissue adapted to perform specific functions An organ system is group of organs work together to perform more functions Organism Tissue preparation for light microscope Tissue […]

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