A chipped tooth can ruin your appearance and also increase the risk of long-term dental damage. Crowns are the best way to protect your teeth and ensure they’re safe from harm. Metal-free crowns are teeth restorations that are entirely made of ceramic, providing high aesthetic value. The most favourable part about metal-free crowns is that they look very similar to natural teeth, making them the more favoured option today.


The metal-free crowns available in the dental world today are highly praised for their biocompatible nature. For this reason, several patients prefer to opt for this procedure while also experiencing added benefits. Metal-free crowns are made of high-quality materials and are also very durable. For a sensitive area like the teeth, it is important to go for the more comfortable option, which will not cause you any discomfort in your day-to-day life; therefore metal-free crowns are the best option.

Metal-free crowns are recommended for those who have a tooth that is damaged but has remained attached in the mouth. The crown will be placed in this area to mitigate the ill-effects of decaying teeth.

The mechanical properties of metal-free crowns align with the more traditional metal-ceramic crowns, but they also have other advantages.

There have been several technological advancements in porcelain manufacturing and adhesion, which means that dentists can save more teeth with the help of many different metal-free crown options. In traditional metal-ceramic crowns, the metal alloy portion of the fitting is fused with dental ceramic in order to give it a more appealing appearance.


The procedure requires the dental substance to be removed, which means that the teeth will have to be filed down in order to start with the procedure. With metal-ceramic crowns, the dentist will have to file down 1.5-2.0mm of dental substance, making it a more arduous procedure.

On the other hand, the option of metal-free crowns will require the dental experts only to remove 0.3-1.0mm of dental substance, making it a more comfortable procedure for you.

After this, the dentists will take an impression of your bite and then go on to prepare a mould for the crown. The porcelain used for the procedure will have to be colour-matched with your natural teeth in order to give it a more natural appearance. It is common for you to be fitted with a temporary restoration until the permanent fitting for your teeth is ready to be fitted.


Metal-free crowns are most often made of zirconium or lithium-disilicate ceramic. These elements allow the material to have a few similarities with glass, especially making them light and transparent. These properties make the metal-free crowns as resistant as natural teeth.

After the treatment, the dental experts will guide you with the aftercare required for the maintenance of your crowns. You may experience some sensitivity to hot and cold substances, which will subside soon.


The most natural-looking restorations – Metal-free crowns are made with all-porcelain, which will provide you with the most natural-looking solution for damaged teeth. With metal or metal-ceramic fittings, you may have noticed that the black lines of the fitting are visible, especially around the gum line. This line will be a constant reminder of the crowns. On the other hand, with metal-free crowns, the light passes through the porcelain material in a fashion similar to that of the natural tooth enamel, making your smile bright and radiant.

Easy shade matching – The option of metal-free, porcelain crowns makes it much easier for our dental experts to shade match your teeth with the crown. There are several customized porcelain shades available that match the natural teeth, which can be shined with natural light lamps, ensuring that it offers proper reflection before they can be placed.

High Durability – The metal-free crowns are made with porcelain, which is very durable, making it the right choice for our teeth. The option of porcelain makes it even better for someone who is suffering from tooth decay. The material used for the procedure is long-lasting and can protect you from bacteria and other germs that are responsible for tooth decay.

Say bye to allergic reactions – One of the biggest advantages that come with metal-free crown restorations is that it does not cause any allergies. The traditional metal crowns can cause the gums and sockets of the teeth to become inflamed and irritated, causing you much discomfort. Metal-free crowns are made to avoid causing any reactions in the surrounding tissue, which also enables the gingiva to shape around the crowns, just like natural teeth.

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