Mahsa Amini

Who is #mahsaamini?

Why is Masha Amini?

Today I am made a small video about the protests happening in Iran.

Iran is in western Asia. Officially it is called the Islamic republic of Iran. Because after the Arabs conquered iran in the 7th century they started islamization of Iran. But somehow Iran became the focal point for Shia Islam within the middle east countering the long existing Arab and Sunni within the region.

Iran is one of the biggest players within Middle eastern affairs. But, there is a huge problem with its government. It is not a secret that the government of Iran is an Islamic theocracy that includes elements of a presidential system, with the ultimate authority vested in an autocratic “Supreme leader”. The authoritarian government has attracted widespread criticism for many violation of human rights. Serious violent suppressions of mass protests, unfair elections, and limited rights for women and children has been reported all over the news for the past few years.  

Worsening the situation the death of Mahsa Amini has lead to a social unrest in Iran.

On the 16th of September 2022. The morality police arrested Amini for wearing the hijab (the veil) loosely exposing a bit of her hair.

Who is Morality police? It is a different section of police department established by the regime to target and arrest women and girls who wear “improper clothing”. These arbitrary arrests often include verbal abuse, physical and sexual violence, torture and even murder.

That’s what has happened even in this case. Eyewitnesses and women who were detained with Amini said, Amini was severely beaten. Although the police claim she passed away due to a heart attack, her family members claimed there were no any trace of an abnormal health condition.

I am wondering how on earth a piece of cloth has more value than a life. This violence against innocent women must be stopped. Several organisations, leaders and celebrities around the world has condemned the incident and expressed solidarity with the current protest happening in Iran. Despite of the governments attempt to supress the protesters by shooting metal pellets, deploying tear gas and limiting the internet access, more and more Iranians are joining the protest expanding the social unrest. According the reports at least 41 people have been killed while 1200 plus people have been detained.

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