Client: Mr. Isuru Perera

Date: 15 OCT 2023

Role: Brand Identity Designer
    : Content Creator
    : Web Designer

Project Description

  • Objective:

    To craft captivating, informative, and user-friendly content for the ITOURS Travel website and promotional materials.

  • Approach:

    Devised a holistic and aesthetically pleasing content strategy to showcase ITOURS Travel services, ensuring potential customers gain a clear understanding of the travel experiences on offer.

  • Responsibilities:
    As the sole contributor, I handled all aspects of the project, from website design and UX/UI design to content creation and website development for ITOURS Travel.

Logo Description

I was entrusted with the pivotal task of crafting the logo for ITOURS Travel, a project that delved deep into my creative philosophy and design ethos. It was Mr. Isuru who recognized the significance of a visual identity that could encapsulate the essence of boundless travel experiences.

I designed the logo with “Dark Cornflower Blue” (#243f8d) as the core color because I firmly believed it could symbolize the vast open skies, a realm of infinite possibilities, and an endless sense of freedom.

In the inception of this design, I decided upon a circular form for the logo. It wasn’t a mere coincidence but a conscious choice. The circle, in my opinion, represents the unity and completeness that our world embodies, both in terms of a welcoming community of travelers and the globe awaiting exploration.

The placement of the flight symbol just beyond the circular boundary was a matter of my design philosophy. It was my opinion that this placement instills a sense of dynamism and growth. It speaks to the idea that ITOURS Travel doesn’t merely facilitate journeys; it fosters the transcendence of boundaries and the embrace of limitless horizons.

In the heart of this logo is a tribute to adventure and togetherness. The flight symbol speaks to the thrill of exploration and the pursuit of new frontiers. The circular shape reflects an inclusive and tightly-knit community of travelers. It’s not just a visual representation; it’s a narrative. It tells the story of not just reaching a destination but cherishing the journey itself. It’s an embodiment of the promise of unforgettable experiences, where travel is not merely physical movement, but a philosophy and a way of life that beckons us to expand our horizons and embrace the boundless potential of the world.


The project culminated in a comprehensive suite of promotional materials for ITOURS Travel, including a captivating website, eye-catching promotional flyers, and engaging social media posts. These materials effectively conveyed the company’s values and services, creating a warm and welcoming presence for potential customers and enhancing the overall online and offline marketing efforts.

Key Contributions

    • Developed a warm and welcoming tone in the content to reflect ITOURS Travel’s values and ethos.

    • Structured the information in a user-friendly format, utilizing headings, subheadings, and bullet points to enhance readability.

    • Designed the layout and seamlessly incorporated visuals for a visually appealing and easily navigable website.

    • Authored engaging content that effectively conveyed ITOURS Travel’s unique offerings while fostering a welcoming atmosphere.

    • Collaborated with the web development team to ensure seamless integration of content into the website, resulting in a cohesive and fully functional online presence.

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